Central Dalmatia

The most popular word here is pomalo. Pomalo is a life philosophy. It means slowing down, and doing things at your own pace. Slowing down will give you time to fully enjoy the best of this region, whether visiting Blue Cave, rafting on the Cetina River, or sunbathing at Zlatni rat beach. 

Central Dalmatia is home to klapa singing, cities dating back to Roman times, and one of the tallest people in the world. Here you will find small wonders like agave lace, dance without music (nijemo kolo), and an equestrian competition called alka. To feel like a local drinking coffee while sitting at the promenade is mandatory. When the bell tower rings at noon it is time to have lunch. Black risotto, grilled fish, or spit-roasted lamb are symbols of the region. Central Dalmatia is the home of crljenak (known worldwide as zinfandel), and it has some very good plavac. 

We would recommend you visit from early April to October. Spring and fall bring nice mediated temperatures, and summer is perfect for swimming. The region’s biggest city, Split, is a city of great athletes and very passionate soccer fans. Long 1700 years ago Roman Emperor Diocletian built a palace leaving behind a greatly preserved architectural gem. Discover Central Dalmatia pomalo, because all good things take time. 


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