Brijuni is one of eight Croatian national parks located in the south of the Istria peninsula, in the vicinity of Pula. Consisting of 14 islands, the Brijuni are full of surprises: the largest among them is Veli Brijun, which abounds with the remains of dinosaurs that lived there about 160 million years ago. In the 19th century, the Austrian magnate Paul Kupelwieser bought the entire territory of Brijuni and decided to turn it into the most magnificent country place in Croatia. For Brijuni, this was the beginning of the transformation into what they represent today: a popular tourist destination often described as Paradise Islands. Among the Brijuni flora, the most famous is the olive tree, one of the oldest in the Mediterranean, supposedly 1600 years old, while the indigenous fauna is complemented by exotic animal species such as llamas and zebras. Some of these animals were gifts for Tito, the former Yugoslavian president who chose Brijuni for his official residence hosting there many famous names like Sofia Loren and Elizabeth Taylor. 

Natural beauty, landscaped promenades, charming grasslands, and parks are hard to resist. Reach it by the public boat from a small-town named Fažana and discover it on your own.


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