Thermal Pannonian Slovenia

Placed along the rivers of Mura, Sava, and Krka, Thermal Pannonian Slovenia is a land of thermal water springs, beautiful castles, and wine-growing hills. It is also a land of hearty cuisine. Try roasted capon, or matevz, and raise a glass of cvicek for your new favorite destination.

Rich with water sources, this part of Slovenia is well known for its numerous health resorts. Their diverse wellness program is attracting visitors throughout the whole year making this region equally attractive in the summertime, as well as during the winter. Over the years Thermal Riviera with Terme Catez and Terme Paradiso has become a synonym for relaxing baths, while Rogaska Slatina is a lovely town with a prestigious spa resort ideal for a retreat.

Don’t be surprised if you come across a lot of cycling and hiking trails – as a nation Slovenians are very physically active. Water adventurers can try rafting or paddle boarding on the Krka River while overlooking the historical town of Novo Mesto. If you’re looking for an interesting event, Ptuj should be on your list. Every February the town organizes one of Slovenia’s most popular carnivals. A festive atmosphere is a good occasion to visit Ptuje Wine Cellar. Arrange a local guide to hear the best stories, and bring home some new memories. 



Thermal Pannonian Slovenia

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