Why is Croatia top destination right now?

Everyone is talking about Croatia. Go through the text and find out why this Mediterranean country is one of the top destinations right now.

Croatia has a bit less than 4 million people and very successful sports players who frequently bring it under the spotlight. Where is Croatia located? How big is it? What is it famous for? Croatia is a small country on the Adriatic coast with nice weather, a warm sea, and a lot of tourist attractions. It is one of the top destinations right now, and a gem that truly amazes everyone who visits. Follow through the text to find out more.


1. What makes Croatia so special?
2. Why visit Croatia?
3. How many days in Croatia is enough?
4. Easier travel: Croatia joined Schengen and the eurozone

What makes Croatia so special?

There are plenty of things that make Croatia one of the top destinations. It is widely known for pebbled beaches, clean Adriatic sea, and rich cultural offer, but there is more. First of all, it is safe. Locals are friendly and willing to help, and a lot of people speak English, making everyday communication easier.

Another great ace in Croatia’s sleeve is its diversity. Gastronomic experience varies from fresh Mediterranean cuisine at the coast to the rich tastes of Baranja, the most far northeast Croatian region. Diverse geography will take you from hiking in the mountains to swimming in the sea, all in one day.

Prepare yourself for walking among the Roman remains, visiting the Medieval, and modern museums or exclusive vineries. A wide variety of choices might turn Croatia into your favorite traveling destination that you will be coming back to over and over again.

Why visit Croatia?

In recent years Croatia has become a new tourist hot spot slowly emerging as a leader of the Mediterranean region. Natural beauties, good infrastructure, gastronomy experience, and a variety of places are just some of the reasons why to put it on a wish list. For a long time, Croatia is know as a synonym for a summer vacation. According to the numbers, more and more visitors decide to visit Croatia all-year round. Winter brings peace, no queuing lines or hustle and bustle. Beloved winter destinations are the peninsula of Istra and the region of Kvarner. Set only an hour’s drive from Istria, the Kvarner region offers skiing or sleigh-riding overlooking the sea. In wintertime, small medieval Istria towns bring charming peace, while natural beauties like Plitvice lakes can be visited with no queuing.

Close to other European countries

Describing Croatia’s location, we could say that this country belongs a bit everywhere. It has parts in Central and Southeastern Europe, representing also the western edge of the Balkan. This means that there are many other European countries easily reachable from Croatia. Within the 5 hours drive from Zagreb, you can reach the capital of Slovenia, Austria, Hungary, or Slovakia. You can have shopping in Munich, or visit the famous carnival in Venice. For everyone who decides to explore Croatia by car, it might be useful to know that Croatia has very good roads. The two main ones are Motorway A1 and state road D8. A1 runs from Zagreb to Split and Dubrovnik, while D8 goes from the border with Slovenia, all the way south to Montenegro.

Off-the-beat path

Although Croatia has the status of one of the most desired tourist destinations in the upcoming season, there are still many off-the-beaten paths in and out of towns, that travel bloggers haven’t written about. With a population of a little bit under 4 million people, the population density in Croatia is low. Therefore, traveling in Croatia off-the-beaten path you will come across small towns like Motovun, Hum or Groznjan where time seems to have stopped. Among many undiscovered places to visit in Croatia, our recommendation is to stop and see the village of Rastoke, walk around Trakoscan castle, and get to know the streets of Dakovo, the town in Slavonia, a region that has many off-the-beat paths.

Places to visit in Croatia

There are a lot of places in Croatia that are worth of visit. Zagreb, Opatija, Split, and Dubrovnik are four towns that should not be missed. From the national parks, our recommendations are Brijuni, Plitvice lakes, and Krka National Park. If you love islands there are two options. Northern islands like Krk, Rab, and Cres or heading the way south to Vis, Hvar, Brac, or Korcula. In the end, there are Mljet and Lastovo. Islands where you will feel true relaxation surrounded by pine trees and the sound of crickets.

Great accommodation options

In a relatively short time, Croatia has built an enviable tourist infrastructure. The one who looks for accommodation has a lot to choose from: beautiful villas by the sea, chalets with a view of misty hills and nature, or luxury glamping –it’s up to you. For those who prefer that their wishes during the stay be taken care of by the always reachable staff, there are various hotels with a distinctive offer. Whether you travel alone or with the family, you can find accommodation that fits your needs and budget in Croatia.

How many days in Croatia is enough?

For those who want to enjoy it without rush, 10 days should be optimal. We recommend you visit one region at a time. The most popular are coastal parts, regions called Istria and Dalmatia. What makes them so attractive is the rugged coastline with 1000 islands, islets, rocks, and reefs. Such a large number leaves a lot to explore, and there is no better way to do so than to hop on the board and enjoy the salt and the sea. Calm and transparent, the Adriatic Sea is the right place for sailing. Nautical tourism is a very strong branch, and Croatia has the largest charter fleet in the world. The favorable time of the year among the sea-lovers is the pre-season. If this is something you would like to try, add islands Mljet, Lastovo, Hvar, and Vis to your must-visit list.

Easier travel: Croatia joined Schengen and the eurozone

On January 1st, 2023, Croatia became a new member of the eurozone. The new official currency is now the euro. For those who plan to visit Croatia along with some other close European countries, this might be a relief. No more waiting at the exchange office, and no more calculating before paying every bill. Besides entering the eurozone, from January 1st Croatia also joined Schengen Area. Another great news for all travelers from outside Europe. Why? Because everyone with a standard 90-day Schengen visa will now be able to travel between Croatia and the other 26 associated countries without stopping at the land-border checkpoints allowing you to reach the desired destination faster and easier.

Croatia took big steps in the last two decades, achieving a lot in the tourist sector in a short period. From Europe’s hidden gem, it became the Next Big Thing and one of the top destinations on traveling lists among millions of people. If you wonder what it is that attracts so many, now is the right time to book your trip and discover authentic Croatia.

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