Central Slovenia

Medieval towns, forest reserves on UNESCO’s list, tame rivers, and fresh air – that’s Central Slovenia. If we add to it a capital city with cultural events during the whole year, it is not a surprise that this region is Slovenia’s hot destination.

A half-hour drive south of Ljubljana will take you to Ljubljana Marshes. This unique swam area is known for its vivid natural life, as well as the pile dwellings, some of which date back to prehistoric times. All nature lovers should also visit the Kocevje region with the Krokar primeval forest. Believe it or not, there are parts where the human foot has never stepped in. Take a break from a hike with a plate of mushroom soup, or veal and buckwheat dumplings, while tasting a glass of modra frankinja.

Central Slovenia is interesting for a visit every day of the year. On Good Friday the streets of Skofja Loka become the scene of the 300-year-old penitential procession performed by locals, known as the Passion play. If you are into history and its mysteries, don’t skip Idrija’s mercury mines, or climb to Ljubljana’s Castle. Whichever destination you choose, for a complete experience end the day with the struklji. Once served only on festive occasions, this treat can remind us how every day can be a good day for a celebration.


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