Which celebrities spend their holidays in Croatia?

Planning a trip? Celebrities all over the world are coming to Croatia for their holidays. For many years this country was a hidden gem on the world’s tourist map. In the early 1990s, it passed through a War of Independence. However, after the 2000s Croatia was brought back on the tourist map as something new, fresh, and a bit mysterious – a European country with a Mediterranean flavor. Today Croatia is seen as a very safe country. It has a clean sea, luxurious resorts, welcoming people, and VIP spots where everything is customized to the celebrity’s enjoyment. No wonder why the number of A-list stars choosing Croatia for a vacation has blossomed in recent years.


1. The A-list celebs who vacationed in Croatia
2. Why do celebrities visit Croatia?
3. Where do the stars go in Croatia?
4. Hvar island – Croatian St. Tropez
6. Vis island – a coffee in the royal company
7. Dubrovnik – celebrities’ favorite
9. Beckhams in Croatia

The A-list celebs who vacationed in Croatia

Over the years, the list of famous people from different business branches who visited Croatia has become almost infinite. A-stars mostly arrive on their mega yachts, attracting attention with the size of imposing vessels wherever they anchor. For instance: Cristiano Ronaldo, Beyonce and Jay-Z, Tom Cruise, Matthew McConaughey, Woody Harrelson, Ellen DeGeneres, rapper Sean Combs, and Lars Ulrich (Metallica). Not to mention that this is just a tiny bit of the famous names who visited Croatia in recent years. For example, Tycoon Roman Abramovich and chief executive of Formula One Bernie Ecclestone are regular visitors. Also, some stars like Anthony Hopkins and John Malkovich own villas in Istria.

Why do celebrities visit Croatia?

Croatia is a small, but geographically highly diverse country. It has mountains, a rugged coastline, pebbled beaches, lush forests, and a lot of sunny days. Now add good wine, imposing accommodations, homemade food, and historical monuments. Who wouldn’t love that? On top of it, many small coastline towns in Croatia offer complete anonymity. People here are relaxed, and they usually don’t make a fuss if they see a famous face. Therefore, celebrities can dress casually, and put on sunglasses, and no one will know that an A-star is walking among them.


Where do the stars go in Croatia?

Celebrities love the Croatian coast. If you want vacations as the jet set, your itinerary needs to include Dubrovnik and Hvar. By adding to your list Split, Vis, Korcula, and some towns in Istria, you will cover 99% of the most prominent Croatian destinations among the celebs.

Hvar island – Croatian St. Tropez

If you are looking for an island worth visiting, look no more because you have found one – that’s Hvar. Celebrities in Croatia love Hvar, which brought this island many flattering nicknames such as the jet-set heaven or paradise island. Prince Harry, Beyonce and Jay-Z, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, and English footballer Jude Bellingham are just some of the A-star celebrities who have spent their vacation here. Not to mention numerous idols and rising stars that visit it without being caught by paparazzi.

What is so special about this island that makes all the celebrities want to come here and relax? First of all, Hvar island is a great combination of unspoiled nature, beaches, and rich history. It consists of many small fisherman’s villages with the vibe of the olden days, while stone houses make you feel like you just came out from the time machine. One of the things that celebrities love about Hvar is its gastronomy. In recent years one of the favorite places to visit became the seafood restaurant Gariful. Fresh oysters, scallops, lobster, and first-class grilled fish are some of the authentic foods that celebrities enjoy here.

Beyonce and Jay Z on vacation in Hvar

Beyonce and Jay Z hit Croatia with their mega yacht for a family vacation couple of times. In 2011. music diva visited Hvar while she was pregnant with her first child. A video of pregnant Beyonce posing in a bikini next to a unique-looking tree very soon got viral. She later reportedly said that her daughter Blue Ivy got her name after that tree. Today Blue Ivy Carter is an honorary citizen of the town of Hvar.

Vis Island – a coffee in the royal company

If you love places situated away from the well-worn tourist path, Vis is the best island to stay in Croatia. This is an island of superb gastronomy, secluded beaches, and a lot of potential, for which many superpowers fought in history. Vis is the farthest inhabited Croatian island. Its history goes back as early as the 4th century BC. The remains of an ancient Greek colony Issa are still visible, giving Vis a unique charm that is hard to describe. The best part of Vis is the people. Hospitable and kind-hearted, they will not be impressed at all by your status or bank account. Perhaps this is the reason why in the summertime Princess Caroline of Monaco drinks the morning coffee in a small restaurant on Karolina Square among the locals.

Just in recent years, the number of famous faces who have found their place in the same restaurant leisurely sitting on the cushions and drinking coffee has suddenly increased. Thanks to the decision to film the sequel to Mamma Mia in Vis, Lily James, Colin Firth, Pierce Brosnan, and many others from the cast fit in this small town just like locals. As you sip your coffee on the waterfront looking at the palm trees, time on Vis seems to run a little slower.

Dubrovnik – celebrities’ favorite

Dubrovnik is not a new destination for celebrity guests. Since the ’60s celebrities are visiting this town. For example, Elisabeth Taylor and Richard Burton spent their romantic getaway here. Over the decades the list filled in with new names such as those of singers, Hollywood A-liners, world leaders, and many others. All of them can say that they walked through Stradun discovering a true Adriatic pearl. That list contains names such as Luka Modric, Novak Djokovic, Chris Rock, Michael Douglas, Catharine Zeta-Jones, Kurt Russell, Richard Gere, Steven Spielberg, Sir Roger Moore, Tina Turner, Italian designer Valentino, and many more.

Where do celebrities go in Dubrovnik?

It’s not a secret that celebrities like Gil’s – Dubrovnik chic restaurant with a pop lounge, placed on the waterfront. Tom Cruise and Owen Wilson are two famous guests who, among others, visited this place. Another place on the A-star list is a culture club called Revelin. Placed inside the fortress in Dubrovnik’s old core, it is an inevitable spot for all who like clubbing. British pop singer Ellie Goulding, Maluma, Afrojack, Naomi Campbell, and many more are on their list of celebrities who partied here.

Dubrovnik: Star Wars casino city

The medieval city of Dubrovnik is recognized by producers as an undoubtedly outstanding filming location. One of the first big projects that came to town was the shooting of the mega-popular fantasy drama Game of Thrones, which turned Dubrovnik into King’s Landing. The Old Town was filled with famous actors, many of whom later chose Dubrovnik for a private vacation. Besides Game of Thrones, this city on Croatia’s south played Nottingham Castle in Otto Bathurst’s release of Robin Hood, and it was casino city in Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Beckhams in Croatia

Celebrities vacationing in Croatia are not something new, yet the media sometimes go crazy. Few things raised such dust, as the arrival of David Beckham with family. They arrived with the yacht and stayed at the luxury resort on the island of Lopud near Dubrovnik. While they were in Croatia, one of their favorite places was the seafood restaurant Bowa on the island of Sipan. Celebrities’ menu was filled with fresh fish, tuna steak, lobster, and mussels. Besides, they even tried sea urchins. The idyllic photos of Beckhams’ vacation suggest that Croatia is one of the destinations they will return to. And we are sure that they will not be the only ones.

With many offbeat places and small cities that wait to be discovered, Croatia certainly has all that it takes to become celebrities’ next hot destination. If you want to spend your vacay exploring the coast as celebrities, let us know and we will help you make it possible.

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